SOZO Bands 2006

SOZO festival Bands 2006

Were you at SOZO 2006?

Have a look at the line up of bands that filled at the amazing SOZO festival Hungary 2006.

Members: Simon Hall
City, Country: UK

Cathy Heiser
Members:Cathy Heiser
City, Country: Nashville, USA
Cathy received her Bachelor of Music Education at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and has been in ministry most of her life, growing up in a musical family and thereafter, spending twelve years as a full-time missionary/musicianary with Youth With a Mission. She has been involved in full-time ministry, singing and teaching on worship and the character of God in over 30 countries on several continents since age 24. After living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for nine years, Cathy moved to Nashville, TN, USA, where she has been involved for the last ten years in the leadership of a creative arts course, called, “The Crucible, and leading worship at her home church of Belmont.

Crista Capusan
Members: Vocals Crista Capusan, Drums Octav Capota, Keyboards Ioana Lupu, Acoustic guitar Raul Gadalean, Electric guitar Cornel Olar, Bass guitar Sebestyen Zoltan
City, Country: Cluj, Romania
Crista has been performing for 6 years now. Together with her sister Ami, they have been touring in several countries in Europe and Romania. Their music expresses Gods love and is meant to encourage people. Crista is a pop music artist and the last album she has recorded together with her sister is called Aproape de mine (Close to me)

Members: Bobby guitar, Denny- vocal and bass guitar, Stoyan- drums
City, Country: Sofia, Bulgaria
EXTREMUM was founded in 1998 and have performed at music festivals in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, USA, Bulgaria. The band also have had many single live performances and as well as playing in local clubs all over Bulgaria.
1.Maxi single ‘Deep Satisfaction’, 2001, CD
2.Single ‘That’s His Name’ 2003
3.Maxi single ‘In the Day’ 2005, CD. The Demo CD has 4 songs and multimedia
including: bio, info, photos, lyrics and MP3
4.Single ‘Fly again’, a song especially for the 2006 Eurovizion Contest
EXTREMUM combines a modern beat, with a powerful sound and the melody
of alternative rock. Their lyrics are inspired by Biblical message, expressing
their faith in Jesus Christ

Lighthouse Band
Members: Balogh Amanda, Karsai Gizella, Sebok Andrea, Gyoumlrgy Roacutebert, Binder Gyoumlrgy, Gulyaacutes Peacuteter, Maacutedy Kaacute;lmaacuten, Kelemen Gaacutebor
City, Country: Hungary
SCOTTFREE is a extraordinary speaker and minister in various locations and venues all over the U.S. He heads up outreach and the hip-hop side of the Empty Vessel Music Ministries. His music and speaking is changing lives all over the world for Christ!!!

Members: Pozsgai Tibor – vocal, Kormaacuteny Gergely – guitar, Sing Bahadur Aacuteron – guitar, Szigeti Maacuterton – keyboard, Paulheim Alfonz – Bass, Biri Aacutedaacutem Drums
City, Country: Hungary
Reacuteszletkeacuterdeacutes is a Christian Rock – Rockmetal band, that writes their own songs but also plays worship songs that are overwritten into this harder style. We are to preach the gospel to the youth by our songs and life. We are ready to go everywhere, where we are invited, and where God wants us to be.
Love God, Love Rock!
See you at SOZO!

Scott Free
Members: Scott Free
City, Country: Atlanta, USA
SCOTTFREE is a extraordinary speaker and minister in various locations and venues all over the U.S. He heads up outreach and the hip-hop side of the Empty Vessel Music Ministries. His music and speaking is changing lives all over the world for Christ!!!

Signs of Summer
Members: Michelle
City, Country: Canada
Signs of Summer is a youth ministry that features American Sign Language, drama and choreography set to contemporary Christian music to creatively share the Word of God among the Nations. In it’s third year, SoS invites students from around the world to participate in a 3 week ministry experience using the Arts to open the way to communication with a lost world.

Members: Steve Garrett
City, Country: Nashville, USA
S t e v e G a r r e t t is an emerging worship leader, acoustic pop rock artist, conference speaker, and college/young adult pastor at Belmont Church, a vibrant 3,000 member church on Music Row in Nashville, TN. But with all the labels swirling around, simply calling him a worshipper would be fine with him. I am first called to minister to an audience of One. I want to entertain His presence on and off stage. Out of that experience, I then have the privilege of using my artistic platform to lead people into powerful encounters with a living God! says Steve.
..for more information visit:

Tammy Rochell
Members: Tammy Rochell
City, Country: Nashville, USA
Charming, sophisticated, and full of raw emotion’ is what they are saying about Tammy Rochelle and her folk-rock music. Tammy’s gift lies in her ability to open the hearts of all who hear her self-penned music and lyrics, reaching each listener one-by-one, evoking feelings of peace, comfort, and joy. Her music combines elements of rock, folk, bluegrass, reggae and blues, with her personal, emotional, and spiritual life experiences. The result is a message of hope, love, and compassion that truly permeates the senses and creates an immediate bond with her audiences.

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